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IWB Industrietechnik GmbH takes on two reading partnerships in cooperation with Thüringer Allgemeinen Zeitung (Thuringian Newspaper). “The acquired knowledge does not only increase their vocabulary but also provides entertainment, inspiration and education in one medium. Supporting young people is very important to us, since pupils of today will become our employees of tomorrow.”

Read more on the Thüringer Allgemeine website dated 23.04.2013

Reactions: thank you letter by conrad eckhof school

Gotha based “IWB Industrietechnik”
Reading partner for “Conrad Ekhof” school

Much to our joy and complete surprise, the mechanical engineering company IWB Industrietechnik informed us on the 01.02.2013 that the company wants to become reading partner for the “Conrad Ekhof” School in Gotha.

It is not common that businesses in Gotha act as sponsors to our school.
Contact to IWB was established quickly.
In April 2013, the Managing Director Mr Kroschel, Ms Feicke from the Marketing Department and Mr Rommert and Ms Heimlich from the school’s managing board had a first meeting at school.

We were able to say a heartfelt thank you from the pupils, parents and teachers that the school is able to use an annual subscription for two daily newspapers by the TA.
The campaign started on the 01.04.2013.
The newspaper as a “printed medium” is of utmost importance for education and leisure.
We use it daily for and with our pupils. The interest in this “old” medium can be re-awakened. The information content is high and comprehensive.
The pictures show the pupils of the practice class 7 / 8p while reading the newspaper, specifically regional information is popular.

On the 12.06.2013, teachers from SRS “Conrad Ekhof” visited the company. The highlight of this visit was the cooperation contract between IWB and the school. Company and school aim to work together in the field of career guidance to ensure that pupils can be prepared better for the working life or that the training maturity is increased.
Company visits, internships, application training and lectures in the school are planned.

IWB and the school community are looking forward to this.

Detlef Rommert
Head Teacher

Gotha, 15.06.2013

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