Feedback and Press

Please find below some publications from trade magazines or local newspapers as well film and TV.


Interview with Ralf-Peter Kroschel ›

Trade magazine automation dated 04th October 2015.


KiKa (Kids channel) Show 20.12.2014 ›

Online contribution on the portal.


IWB takes on reading partnership ›

Thüringer Allgemeine dated 23rd April 2013.


Entrepreneur of the Year ›

Thüringer Landeszeitung dated 25.08.2014.

Trade journal

In Gotha in three layers ›

Trade magazine Handling 7/2013.

Trade journal

Sought after special solutions ›

Trade magazine Scope-Online 5/2013.

Trade journal

Faster to your conveyor ›

Trade magazine Handling 4/2013.


IWB wants to take a foothold in the medical sector ›

Thüringer Landeszeitung dated 03rd April 2012

Trade journal

Series production as a challenge ›

Trade magazine Scope 06/2011

Trade journal

Variable small parts transport ›

Trade magazine Konstrukteur 4/2007.

Trade fair magazine

Silent conveyor belt ›

Trade show magazine Motek Daily 2/2007

Trade journal

Variable conveyor belts ›

Trade magazine Konstruktionspraxis 12/2006.

Trade journal

Securely transport small parts ›

Trade magazine Handling 6/2006


More than exact ›

Thüringer Allgemeine dated 15th May 2006.