PartLoader – automation of production and processing machines

We also automate your production line. Our latest development simplifies the integration into almost any processing machine. A moveable table with adjustable prism holders for a different-sized workpieces offers a high degree of flexibility. Furthermore, the sturdy stainless steel construction guarantees a long shelf life of the holders.

  • Flexible configuration for different workpiece dimensions
  • Short training time for the “almost” finished robot program, no in-house development time
  • Requires only a shockproof plug socket, compressed air and locking mechanism
  • Compact hardware without additional control cabinet etc.
  • Short amortisation period due to increased machine utilisation and more user capacity


As robot, we have provided a collaborative lightweight robot which unites several advantages: a short training period to learn the programming as well as a space-saving peripheral set-up which does not require additional space. No safety fence or similar is necessary since the robot detects unwanted collision with its sensor system and then moves back by itself.
The already pre-installed robot program is set-up flexibly and offers a range of additional options right out of the box.
For actual operation, you only require a shockproof plug socket, a compressed-air connection and a locking mechanism in the floor.
The compact hardware means that no additional switch cabinet etc. is necessary. The greater machine utilisation and hence the increase in production yields as well as the unburdening of the machine operator allows you to quickly amortise the PartLoader.

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