Transport conveyors and conveyor systems

Mr Jordan is your contact person with regards to conveyor technology whether it is for conveyor technology as per customer requirements, advice for your specific application or for selecting a standard conveyor.

If you need a special conveyor belt for your application e.g. in the pharmaceutical or food industry or in the electronics and solar sector, then our MiniTrans team is happy to assist you in finding a perfect solution. We place an emphasis on variability and modularity for all flat conveyor belts. You can choose from small conveyor belts with 100 mm height or roll diameter if space is at a premium, right up transport conveyors for heavy weights or great lengths with 100 mm height/roll diameter.

Overview of our standard Minitrans® conveyor belts

Download our Minitrans® conveor belt flyer as PDF.

Naturally, it is also possible to develop and realise in cooperation with out expert staff any customer requirements which deviate from the standard range.

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