Minitrans® Ascending and Z-belts

Our space-saving Z-conveyor belt is a modification of our established Minitrans® folding conveyor or conveyor belt and bunker belt conveyors.

The special construction method as a Z with two 90 ° bends allows both horizontal and vertical conveying of bulk materials.

A plastic link chain with studs assists in overcoming heights quickly and easily. In comparison to a slanted ascending conveyor, the Z-belt is extremely compact and therefore can be installed into/on existing plants.

From A rising to B – The modular system of our Minitrans® conveyor belts allows adjustments in height, width, length, drive variants and belts. Therefore, our Z-transport conveyor are suited for almost any application in which bulk material has to be transported across heights.

  • Plastic link chain provides reversing operation
  • Individual and cost effective adjustments
  • Thanks to a modular system
  • Different belt designs for different transport material

Overview of our standard Minitrans® conveyor belts

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Additional conveyor belt types with example images