Additive manufacturing for prototype and series parts

In addition to our classic CNC production, we now also offer you rapid prototyping or professional 3D printing (additive manufacturing). From plastic to aluminium to stainless steel, many materials are possible.

Nutzen Sie unseren 3D-Druckservice!Use our 3D printing service!

This service is largely designed as a pure online solution. Follow the link to our online portal (link). Log in or register yourself. Afterwards, you can easily upload your components in the online calculator and select a material or technology. Depending on the component and complexity, you will receive an offer directly from our system after uploading your print data and a printability check.

You can order this directly there. Please note that the models should already be designed for 3D printing (tolerances, possible deformation, etc.). In addition to the actual additive manufacturing, we also offer the post-processing of your 3D printed parts, e.g. threads, bores, fits, etc., by our CNC experts.

Additive manufacturing offers many technological and constructive potentials compared to conventional manufacturing. Whether this manufacturing process is worthwhile can usually only be assessed after a closer look at the design data and the respective application. We also support you in optimising your components with ready-to-print design data. Do you have questions about 3D printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and the post-processing of your printed 3D models?Simply contact Mr Töpfer-Kerst.