Matec-30 HV milling centre

Expansion of the machinery with a powerful 5-axis processing centre, the matec-30 HV. With this ultra-modern machining centre, we don’t only manufacture milled parts according to customer specifications, we also manufacture components for our MINITRANS® conveyor belts or transport conveyors as well as components for individual special machinery which are both developed and built by us.

For all non-machine operators or aspiring operators:

The special feature of this machine is the above-mentioned horizontally and vertically adjustable swivel head (hence the HV for horizontal/vertical in its name). Unlike conventional milling machines, the milling head, that is the tool, can therefore be turned in all directions so that all workpieces can be processed from all sides without having to re-adjust them constantly.

By the way: As machining mechanic apprentice specialising in CNC, you learn to operate this machine as well as other milling machines.

Thanks to this investment, we are now in a position to manufacture more complex single and serial parts and hope for many machine hours.