Frästeile Messedisplay mit Weihnachtsdeko

IWB Industrietechnik GmbH collected Euro 250 in a raffle. This money is donated to the Children’s Hospice Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V. and is used e.g. to ensure access for medical consumable for a child per day and two therapy hours.

Thanks to a further donation by IWB Industrietechnik GmbH, 19 children of a Year 4 class in the primary school will receive the cycling book “Mit der lustigen Ampel zur Fahrradprüfung” (Book teaching cycling proficiency) which is provided by the Kreisverkehrswacht Gotha e.V. (Local Traffic Police). This workbook teaches children bike safety on the roads.

We hope that this contribution will help children to celebrate a wonderful Christmas.